Month: January 2019

A Good Plan: How Much Detail Do I Need?

What does a good plan look like? The core of planning is anticipating the future to the greatest degree possible based on past events. It is looking at how people and their behavior have produced a specific outcome within specific circumstances and trying to reproduce the results. Level of detail So, where to begin? Before…
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Salesforce and SpringCM

Salesforce CPQ and SpringCM – Two Halves of a Speedy and Error-Free Sales Cycle

Ever heard the phrase, “Whatever you do, don’t do it halfway?” This phrase can apply to our careers, passions, beliefs, and even our hobbies. If you’re going to try and attempt something, attempt it fully or you may regret what might have been… What does this have to do with Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote and…
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Three Lessons From The Cloud – What We Can Learn From This Growing Technology

When the cloud first became mainstream, the abstract nature of this technology made it challenging for many people to initially comprehend. Having data stored in a space that only existed digitally and was accessible from any web portal presented many potential challenges as well as opportunities. It was difficult to predict how things were going…
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San Pancho Women's Retreat

The Best Investment I’ve Made In My Team (so far)

Over the past 2 years, as Spaulding Ridge has grown from a small group of early believers to a dedicated and passionate team of over 75, I’ve been committed to doing things differently. We’ve prioritized the investment we make in our people – in building a culture committed to learning, personal growth and making a…
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Three Tactics for Efficient Collaboration in the Forecasting Process

As we finish Spaulding Ridge’s 2019 budget and fine tune our ongoing monthly forecast process, I am reminded how much time finance organizations spend on cost containment without focusing nearly enough time on the revenue plan. Too often, finance relies on sales and marketing to set the revenue plan doing little to truly integrate revenue planning…
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Planning for the Unexpected: How To Prepare Your Business for Tariff Increases

As it stands, the United States and China are in an aggressive trade war which could dramatically affect businesses across the U.S. With the threat of massive tariff increases and the deadline of March 1st quickly approaching, businesses are struggling to plan for these possible changes. Companies often track tariff costs by using what is…
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