Month: March 2019

Spaulding Ridge A Good Plan Spend Time on User Stories

A Good Plan: Spend Time on User Stories

In the Agile development framework, a user story is one of the final steps of the project’s Requirements phase. At this point in the project, the organization has decided on the ideal level of detail of the solution and the scope of the organizational changes; including considerations for potential impacts on all stakeholders—more to come…
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Spaulding Ridge What your Supply Chain can do for You

What Supply Chain Can (And Should) Be In Today’s Digital World

Traditionally, Supply Chain Management (SCM) software has been on-premise and managed by IT teams that keep systems running from a central location. This approach allows teams in an organization to create tools for each step of a traditional, linear supply chain. However, this approach often creates data silos, which limits the visibility and transparency of…
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Spaulding Ridge Four Reasons to Avoid CPM Solutions from your ERP Vendor

Four Reasons to Avoid CPM Solutions from your ERP Vendor

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Systems help companies handle financial and operational planning, financial consolidation and close, intercompany elimination, account reconciliation, reporting and analysis and other finance processes. Gartner first recognized the CPM software category in the early 2000s, when the sector was dominated by independent vendors like Hyperion, Cognos, and OutlookSoft. Over time, many of…
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Avoiding Scope Creep

A Good Plan: Avoiding Scope Creep

Now that you have decided the level and type of detail in your planning process that works best for you, the next item to consider is the content of your plan: what is the scope? When we talk about “scope,” we’re referring to the clearly-defined goals and boundaries of the project: what should it accomplish, who…
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