Connected Planning for Mining by Spaulding Ridge

Connected Planning for Mining by Spaulding Ridge

Connected Planning for Mining by Spaulding Ridge is a new approach to business planning for mining companies that enables dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent decision making by incorporating all relevant information from across the organization into a single, cloud-based platform.
The solution covers the entire planning process across the company, from strategic to operational, by incorporating important planning aspects into the overall strategic plan for a comprehensive view of the business.  These planning aspects, specific to the mining industry, have been incorporated into Spaulding Ridge’s custom solution in the form of the following modules:

  • Health, safety and environment

On top of each mine manager’s mind is how well the mine is performing in terms of health, safety and environment. From a safety standpoint, it is key to understand why employees might be absent from the mine, what measures need to be taken to account for all employees and the associated cost of missing employees. The environmental impact from mining operations needs to be monitored, reported and analyzed consistently. Finally, companies must continually refine their ability to capture and track all incidents in the field, analyze trends of those occurrences and modify process and procedures to proactively reduce the number of incidents and accidents.

  • Cut-off calculations

Cut-off calculation is one of the most important variables for making a mine investment decision. Getting the cut-off grade wrong can result in overcapacity and underused equipment, or undercapacity and bottlenecks in the production line.

  • Maintenance

Operational efficiency is a key success factor in the mining industry. A part of that is understanding how well the equipment is being used and what can be done to increase availability. Taking into consideration the large investments going into mining equipment, even small improvements around maintenance will have a big impact on the bottom line.

  • Production efficiency and effectiveness

Mining companies must know, on a daily basis, their equipment utilization and what can be done to increase usage and quality metrics. Mine management needs to be able to understand any bottlenecks in the production line, if there are any quality issues and what can be done about it.

  • Supply chain management

Spaulding Ridge’s solution can help the mining company establish sustainable solutions related to supply chain management to improve management of mining operations and logistics.


One of the many benefits of this new approach is that all relevant data is modeled in a central platform, empowering the business to make better-informed and faster decisions. You can read more in our white paper ‘Connected Planning for Mining’ which you can download via the button below.
Contact Tassos Siatras for more information and to discuss how Connected Planning for Mining can help transform the way your company makes critical decisions and achieve performance goals.
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