Strategic Planning

If your business plan has answered the question “what does it take to be successful?”, Strategic Planning aims further and asks “what is possible?”

Our finance and software application experts fully understand the activities and initiatives surrounding the office of the CFO and can help improve the Strategic Planning process by providing deeper transparency and tighter integration with FP&A, Treasury, and Business Development/M&A.

By integrating these functions into a centralized platform, enabling shared projections and assumptions, leveraging what-if analysis, and incorporating integrated financials, we can help break through silos and create a broader view of your overall business strategy.

  • Strategic Planning Process Engineering
  • What-If Scenario Modeling
  • CapEx/OpEx Planning
  • Corporate Development
  • Treasury

Information Technology Strategy & Roadmap

Spaulding Ridge understands the intersection where business needs meet technical enablement.  We support both functional and technical considerations by developing a holistic view of organizational needs, providing insight not only into “what” is needed, but also “how”, “why”, and “when”.  We rely on deep system integration experience across a wide variety of tools and platforms to provide our clients with a pragmatic perspective on what’s feasible within specified time constraints, the impact on resources, the readiness to embrace change, and the data strategy supporting the underlying solutions.

IT Strategy and Roadmapping shouldn’t be conceptual and end there, so we develop and execute upon successful implementation plans providing real, tangible value. 

  • Enterprise Technology Architecture
  • Data Management & Governance Strategy
  • System Selection
  • Cloud Strategy

Enterprise Data Integration Strategy

The Spaulding Ridge Integrations practice focuses on creating seamless integration between data systems throughout an organization. Enterprise integration can be challenging, especially for an already burdened IT department. Our integration experts can assist you with building transformation interfaces from your source systems, using the latest enterprise integration tools for processing data, and integrating with your organization’s existing technology environment.

  • Enterprise Data Integration: Strategy Through Execution
  • Custom API Development