Process Improvement

Processes are the foundation of any business’ operational model. Often times a business will rapidly change or grow but standard processes and tasks will remain fundamentally the same. Over time these processes become inefficient and can create a drain on human capital, which in turn directly impact a business’ ability to efficiently measure metrics used for executive level decision making. Spaulding Ridge understands this challenge and strives to help clients optimize their business processes through both technology and advisory services. By examining current processes, identifying opportunities, and mapping an efficient future state, Spaulding Ridge enables clients to cut process cycle times and increase value add analysis.


Spaulding Ridge’s process improvement services coupled with vast expertise in sales, financial and operational analytics to provide clients with end to end solutions for business looking for efficient and meaningful change.


  • Current and Future State Analysis
  • Strategic Long-Range Planning
  • Financial Forecast Processes
  • Close and consolidation Calendars
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Business Transformation Solutions Roadmap
  • Business Requirements Traceability