Sales Cloud

Unifying Sales, Operations and Finance with Salesforce

Business Needs:

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Consistent customer engagement
  • Connected sales process
  • Improved Sales forecasting/Visibility
  • Pipeline Management

Our Clients: Many companies today still use the Sales Cloud as a repository of information. While collecting the right data is an important foundation to understanding customers, organizations should be solving for tomorrow’s problems today by leveraging the Sales Cloud for insights on their deals.

With so much information available about customers, the organizations that make their data work for them are the ones who can make smarter decisions about their future.

Use the Sales Cloud to connect your sales processes and guide your customers through their buying journey.

Leverage Spaulding Ridge’s Sales Cloud Solutions

Spaulding Ridge’s Sales Cloud solutions leverage the 10+ years of knowledge our Salesforce experts have in cloud technology to build your Sales processes into a system that works for your team and your customers.

At Spaulding Ridge, we work with you to understand your customer’s journey from prospect to close. Our methodology helps translate your needs into powerful systems that help you close deals and give your Sales teams the right information at the right time.


  • Integrate your Sales data with systems that help you sell smarter. Once you’re on the cloud, you can bring more than your sales processes together. You can connect Finance, Marketing, and more.
  • Leave spreadsheets behind and discover new possibilities with your data. Salesforce allows you to build relationships with your data you would spend hours reproducing with a static spreadsheet.
  • Gain insights on your customers to stay ahead of their needs. Salesforce reports are powerful tools for understanding your next steps.
  • Calculate the ROI of your campaign efforts with Leads and Opportunities.
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