Service Cloud

Unifying Sales, Operations and Finance with Salesforce

Business Needs:

  • Automate support processes
  • Community management
  • Leverage the power of AI
  • Gain insight on your sales representatives
  • Case management
  • Customer routing
  • Field Service Lightning

Our Clients: Customers today expect 24/7 service across the many communication channels they use. Meanwhile, your agents need access to your company and product information in as few keystrokes as possible. Many companies are now also aware that clients with a positive customer experience are less likely to remember the price they paid for a product or service and are easier to retain.

The Salesforce Service cloud allows you to merge your customer support channels into one window to provide fast and reliable attention to your customers.

Leverage Spaulding Ridge’s Services Cloud Solutions

With Spaulding Ridge’s Service Cloud solutions, your customers become our number one concern. Our experts will provide customized solutions for you and your clients no matter what stage of maturity your social channels are in.

At Spaulding Ridge, we know that you understand your customers better than anyone else and we will help you give them the best experience by leveraging Service Cloud. Together we can equip your agents with the right knowledge, so you can focus on building a relationship between your brand and your customers.


  • Streamline your knowledge management process. With Knowledge you can manage access, versions, and approval processes to keep your content up-to-date.
  • Bring your social channels in to one window and get a 360° view of your customer with a chronological feed of interactions.
  • Boost agent productivity by automating key processes, providing message templates, and macros to reduce clicks.
  • Empower your agents and users with self-service communities and Salesforce Knowledge.
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